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Announcement: Ulinzi Africa Foundation Joins the Alliance for Zero Extinction

We are thrilled to announce that Ulinzi Africa Foundation has become a proud member of the Alliance for Zero Extinction (AZE)!  AZE is a collaborative initiative comprising biodiversity conservation organisations from around the globe, dedicated to preventing extinctions by identifying, safeguarding, and effectively conserving critical sites that serve as the last refuges for Endangered or Critically Endangered species. In our area of operation, the endangered Coastal Topi is under severe threat due to habitat loss and poaching for bushmeat. These majestic creatures are facing a precarious future, and our partnership with AZE is a significant step towards raising the profile of this declining species and their habitat.  By joining forces with AZE, we are committed to enhancing our conservation strategies and leveraging global expertise to safeguard the Coastal Topi and other endangered species. This partnership is crucial for driving impactful conservation actions, and we thank the sec

Barisa's Journey: A Tale of Conflicting Coexistence.

For the Love of Elephants. In the heart of Kitere Village, nestled amidst the rolling landscapes of Kenya's Tana River, lived a remarkable elephant named Barisa. No ordinary elephant; Barisa was a gentle giant who had become an integral part of the community. His story is one of harmonious coexistence, illustrating the beauty of human-wildlife relationships and the challenges that sometimes necessitate difficult decisions. A Gentle Giant Among Us Barisa's story began when he wandered into Kitere Village, and stayed. Unlike many tales of human-wildlife conflict, Barisa's presence was marked by peace and mutual respect. The villagers soon realised that Barisa was not a threat but a friendly, gentle soul who meant no harm. He would stroll through the village, his massive frame moving with quiet grace. Children would wave to him on their way to school, and this quaint village fast became the epitome of human-wildlife coexistence. Barisa's presence became a daily reminder of