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Field Report: July 2020 "Tough stripes"

July was an eventful month as we discovered six illegal logging sites, disabled and recovered yet more snares, and came upon a zebra mare from our resident herd with an arrow sticking out of his neck! We frantically tried to reach the Kenya Wildlife Service veterinary officer who was in Tsavo treating an elephant, and continued to monitor the zebra well into the night. Thankfully, the next morning, he had managed to get the arrow out, we suspect by rubbing against a tree or something. The wound had no indication of the arrow head being embedded still, and the herd had calmed down considerably.  The teams successfully apprehended a suspect who had in his possession illegal palm wine, two snares, and cooking items. He also had what appeared to be a considerably large unidentifiable species of sea fish. He was booked at the station and was sentenced to community service.

Field Report: June- July 2020- "Lions and Loggers."

  It was a hectic month as our lion struck livestock in the beach zone. Kenya Wildlife Service mobilised the Problem Animal Control unit who promptly picked up the lion, citing fears that the community had threatened to poison him. Not wanting to risk losing another lion to conflict, the decision was made to relocate him into Tsavo.  Ulinzi Africa Foundation believes relocating apex predators should be a last resort. We therefore agreed together with Kenya Wildlife Service that we would secure a collar for the lion, who would then be monitored closely in order to try and mitigate Human Wildlife Conflict arising from this lion. He was safely relocated within the same ecosystem, in a different area and far away from the herders. Illegal grazing and cattle incursions continue to be a major challenge in this area. In another incident, our rangers were surrounded by herders who threatened them with machetes after they drove out nearly 3,000 head of cattle. We managed to contact the area chi

Field Report: May-June 2020 "Building Camp & Chasing Night Poachers"

  June was a month of rebuilding after returning to the field. The pandemic forced all members of the team to remain at home, observing government protocols to stay safe. When we finally returned to camp, we found it in a dilapidated condition, and decided to rebuild what we could. With support from partners and friends, we were able to purchase new mattresses and mosquito nets for the whole team, and also metal sheeting which was used to rebuild the long-drop and shower cubicles. We also worked on the gutter to harvest rainwater for emergencies into our camp 5000-litre tank.    Previously the long drop and shower facilities were covered in palm fronds, however due to heavy rains during the floods in the previous month, the structure began to fall apart. This is what the facilities look like now, with metal sheeting along the sides and the top to protect from the elements! We have placed the facilities away from the living quarters in a cleared area to also ensure everyone using the fa

Field Report - April- May 2020 "Our Communities"

  April was a rather uneventful month as operations were slowed down due to Covid-19.  Reports came in of a known poacher in the community area who had poached a zebra and taken it into his home during the night. Our efforts to mobilise a team were sadly fruitless, nonetheless he continues to be monitored. Further to this, our main activities in- field involved the relentless search for our livestock-raiding lion, whom we are preparing to collar as soon as he is found.  In April, communities in the Tana Delta were adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic paired with unprecedented floods.. Ulinzi Africa Foundation reached out to well-wishers and galvanised support with food relief. Through a successful appeal, we were able to feed 154 families in Onkolde community, 4 needy families in Mshagalato area, and 112 families in Asa region. We thank all those who came forward to support this appeal.